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Unveiling the Creative Genius: The Roger Books Chronicles

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Roger’s journey began at the tender age of 17 when he earned his first paycheck for his pastel and colored pencil drawings. Since then, he has navigated through the ever-changing landscape of design, starting his career at the dawn of Desktop Publishing as a Paste-Up artist for Alpha Graphics

From there, Roger’s career trajectory soared as he became a Food Illustrator for Bay Area classic brands like Fresh Choice, showcasing his talent in package design for Pacific-Rim makers of entertainment PC peripherals and add-on cards. His creations adorned the shelves of major retailers like Fry’s Electronics, Micro Center, and Best Buy, earning him accolades and recognition as a Platinum Award Winner in Copywriting and Gold Award Winner in Advertising Campaigns and Special Events.

But Roger’s talents extend beyond the realm of design; he is also a visionary interpreter, adept at bridging cultural divides and adapting brand tactics to suit different markets. His expertise in cross-cultural creative adaptation has helped Taiwanese companies appeal to major Western tech brands, catapulting them to success in the global marketplace.

Roger’s success can be attributed to his unwavering commitment to processes and order, always placing the objective, audience, and function first. He thrives on challenges and believes in foolproofing ideas through rigorous scrutiny and debate.

Throughout his illustrious career, Roger has fostered a highly prolific and fast-paced creative culture, managing international tech brands and partnering with industry giants like Apple, Intel, and Universal Music Group. His crowning achievement? Transforming a brand’s market cap from $250 million to $50 billion in just 16 years.

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