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Kirana Friends App on its way to becoming the one stop app for all Kirana news

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19 December 2023, Mumbai: 

Kirana Friends, the mobile application that has been helping Kirana store owners transform the way they run their stores, is now on its way to becoming the ultimate destination for all Kirana-related news. In a rapidly evolving business landscape, Kirana Friends recognizes the crucial need for Kirana store owners to stay informed about news that directly impacts their businesses, allowing them to make informed decisions and drive success.

The Kirana Friends App has already made significant strides in the Kirana industry by providing store owners with a user-friendly platform to connect, learn, and grow together with fellow kirana owners and experts. By focusing on delivering pertinent news and updates, the app is poised to become the most trusted source for Kirana-related information.

As the Kirana Friends team emphasizes, “In the highly competitive world of Kirana stores, staying informed is not just an advantage; it’s a necessity. Kirana store owners need to be abreast of news that affects their business to run it better, enhance their offerings, and provide the best service to their valued customers.”

Key Features of the Kirana Friends App:

  • Kirana Tips and Techniques: Kirana Friends offers practical advice and strategies, sourced from experts, to help Kirana store owners manage inventory, pricing, customer service, and more effectively.
  • Kirana Tools and Calculators: The app provides specialized calculators and tools for tasks like inventory management and pricing, simplifying complex processes and aiding in data-driven decision-making.
  • Kirana Experts: Users can connect with experienced Kirana industry professionals for personalized consultations and mentorship, accessing valuable insights and guidance to navigate various business challenges successfully.

About Kirana Friends App

Kirana Friends is a community of Kirana owners, operators, consultants & experts helping each other improve their business. We have developed a platform to help and support the growth of Kirana stores in India. The platform is supported by individuals who carry the experience of assisting 400+ Kirana stores and supermarkets to increase their business in India.

We’re a 100,000+ user community and part of the Google Appscale Academy 2023 cohort

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