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Home NEWS Kirana Friends plans to help 10,000 Kirana store owners plan their 2024 sales better!

Kirana Friends plans to help 10,000 Kirana store owners plan their 2024 sales better!

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As the festive fervor subsides with the conclusion of Diwali, attention now turns toward the upcoming new year. For businesses, this transition signals fresh opportunities to expand their customer base and boost sales of their products or services. On festive days, Kirana stores typically witness a significant surge in sales, often ranging from 1.5x to 2x, owing to increased consumer spending. Yet, these days also witness modern retail stores luring customers with enticing offers, sometimes leading to a loss of customers and sales for Kirana outlets.

In the competitive landscape, it becomes crucial for small store owners to offer appealing deals to attract and retain customers. However, the inherent challenges of thin profit margins and supply constraints make it difficult for Kirana store owners to strike the right balance between offering discounts and maintaining profitability.

In response to this challenge, Kirana Friends has unveiled a series of webinars designed to empower Kirana store owners. The inaugural event, the 2024 Sales Planning webinar, aims to assist owners in strategically selecting optimal dates for offers, devising the right discounts, and executing plans to bolster sales. Participants will also receive a comprehensive DIY E-book, equipping them with valuable insights and practical strategies.

Scheduled for 2.30 pm on November 22, 2023, the first webinar has already garnered registration from over 1,000 Kirana owners. Led by seasoned Kirana experts with over 30 years of retail experience in India and the Middle East, this webinar promises invaluable guidance gleaned from years of assisting Kirana owners in enhancing their businesses.

Akash Vishwakarma from Kirana Friends emphasizes, “Kirana stores form the backbone of India’s retail economy. To adapt to evolving consumer preferences, these stores must embrace modern retail techniques, including smart pricing and attractive offers. Through our webinar series, we aim to empower over 10,000 Kirana owners with superior planning strategies for festive periods, propelling their sales forward.”

About Kirana Friends App: “”

Kirana Friends stands as a supportive community for Kirana owners, operators, consultants, and experts, dedicated to enhancing their businesses. The platform serves as a catalyst for the growth of Kirana stores across India, backed by individuals with a track record of assisting over 400 Kirana stores and supermarkets in amplifying their businesses.

With a thriving community exceeding 100,000 users, Kirana Friends proudly stands as part of the prestigious Google Appscale Academy 2023 cohort, furthering its commitment to fostering growth and success within the Kirana store ecosystem.

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