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Happy Faces Academy Concrete Construction Project Completion Announced by Jason Benson,

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Skyren Concrete Construction, led by Owner Jason Benson, proudly announces the completion of its latest project at the Happy Faces Academy – Old Milton location in Alpharetta, Georgia. 

The venture, situated at 2865 Webb Road, Alpharetta, GA 30004, showcases the company’s expertise in concrete construction.

Transformative Exterior Retaining Walls

The focal point of the project was the installation of exterior retaining walls, strategically designed to elevate the building slab elevation. This innovation not only enhanced the architectural aesthetics but also paved the way for the rear entrance to serve as the main handicap-accessible entry point.

These retaining walls played a pivotal role in leveling the rear playground, maximizing the usable space for recreational activities. Jason Benson expressed his satisfaction, stating, “We’re proud to have helped the designer maximize this location’s narrow sloping lot.”

A Playground Redefined

The exterior modifications didn’t just stop at elevating the building; they extended to transforming the playground. The careful planning and execution ensured that the rear playground now offers ample space, creating an ideal environment for the academy’s young occupants to play and learn.

Project Statistics and Upgrades

The completed 6342 square foot facility boasts seven classrooms catering to up to 94 students, ranging from infants to 5 years old. Jason Benson emphasized the significance of the upgrade, stating, “This facility is now ready for many years of precious memories.”

About Skyren Concrete Construction

Skyren Concrete Construction, established in April 2019, emerged with the acquisition of Sa-Fonce Concrete, a renowned company with over 40 years of industry experience since its inception in 1975. With an impressive portfolio, Skyren has collaborated with major developers, companies, and general contractors in the United States.

The Happy Faces Academy Front Design

The street front building design of Happy Faces Academy was meticulously crafted for maximum curb appeal, adhering to local zoning codes. The completion of the project allows visitors to drive along the side of the building, providing easy access to the facility’s main entrance.

Partnership Details

For further information on Skyren Concrete Construction’s collaboration with Happy Faces Academy in Alpharetta, Georgia, interested parties can contact Jason Benson at (770) 410-8418 or

Forward-Looking Statements Disclaimer

It’s important to note that this news release contains forward-looking statements reflecting views on future events and financial performance. While these statements are subject to uncertainties, Skyren Concrete Construction undertakes no obligation to update or revise any forward-looking statements, emphasizing the transient nature of such statements.

Contact Information

Skyren Concrete Construction
Jason Benson
Phone: 770-410-8418

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